Live In Concert

By Bríd Harper and Dermot Byrne

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  1. The Glencolmcille
    The Golden Keyboard
    Kiss Me Kate
  2. Off To California
    The Acrobat
  3. Munster Bacon
    Paddy Fahy’s
  4. The Land Of Sunshine
    The Culfadda
  5. Thompson’s
    Brid Harper’s
  6. The Spey In Spate
    The Cape Breton Fiddler’s Welcome To Shetland
  7. The Green Fields Of Glentown
    The Boys Of Malin
  8. The Street Player
  9. Maeve’s
    Tom Maguire’s Fancy
  10. Never Was Piping So Gay
    Launching The Boat
    Drowsy Maggie
  11. The Smiling Bride
    The Handsome Young Maidens
  12. Shamrock Hill
    The Old Road To Garry
  13. Jimmy Lyons’
    Séamus Ó Beirn’s
  14. The Pigeon On The Gate
    Jenny Picking Cockles
  15. James Byrne’s
    Johnny Boyle’s
  16. Grant Lamb’s
    Sam Cormier’s
  17. Iniscealtra
    Town Teine
  18. The New Policeman
    The Heights Of Muingvuara
  19. The Bush On The Hill
    Dave Collins’
  20. Ronnie Cooper
    The Gates Of Mullagh
  21. The New Policeman
    The Heights Of Muingvuara
    The Commodore
  22. The Spey In Spate
    President Garfield’s
  23. Launching The Boat
    The First Month Of Summer
  24. The Morning Mist
    Paddy Fahy’s

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Thought I might as well post this since the recording is so widespread now anyway. It’s possible that the tracks aren’t in any set order, but this is the order that they appear on mine. I took the trouble to look up the tune names so decided to share the info. There are some fantastic tunes on this. Comments anyone?

I love this recording

I have a copy of a copy on tape from 12 years ago and I wish I could get a CD that sounds a little better. It sounds like the recording was taken right off the sound desk and, as usual in those cases, the guitar comes out too loud. The tunes are great though; I’ve learned many of my tunes off this recording. I’m not sure what medley it is, but somewhere on there you can hear Brid say to Dermot, “I’ll never play those tunes together again.”

Jack, do you have a load of sets at the end backed by piano or is that someone else playing? Does the track order resemble yours at all? I used software to bring down the pitch to concert and burnt mine onto CD.

Ah well you see that’s the thing. You’d have to promise never to make fun of English concertinas again, and also promise always to let me win in arguments 🙂

Nya ha ha haaaaa

In other words -- make a pact with the Devil?

Brid Harper/Dermot Byrne

Happy new year and thanks for the effort, Dow. Still haven’t found the name to the C reel that precedes Sam Cormier. The search continues.

My copy also has some great, albeit piano-backed, tunes tacked onto the end. Doesn’t really sound like Brid to me though. There’s one reel in particular that I call O’Keefe’s and it’s the only recorded version of that tune that I have heard. I can’t remember where it is on my tape but I’ll listen again tonight and write back with its location. It’s a D tune whose B part starts on an A chord, do you happen to know the one I’m talking about?

How to get a copy ?

It looks like this recording is not commercially available. what should I do to get a copy ? Brid Harper has been my favourite fiddler since 1984. The only tracks I am aware of are on the 2nd Jimmy Mc Hugh memorial concert. I have 10 tracks copied from a friend"s minidisc, but it is not the same concert : she plays solo.

Thanks in advance for any help getting this copy…
Yves-Antoine Emmanuelli

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Missing Tune?

On the track list #21 promises:
The New Policeman
The Heights Of Muingbhathá
The Commodore

On my copy I have the first two but not Billy McComiskey’s great reel, The Commodore. Does this tune appear on other people’s copies? Or is it a mistake in the track list?

A copy??

Dow, Pawl, Cocus, I’d love a copy of this. I’d really appreciate it if you shot me an email