Evening Comes Early

By John Doyle

  1. North Sea Holes
  2. Blue Diamond Mines
  3. Crowley’s
    Johnny D’s
  4. Pretty Saro
  5. Willie Riley
  6. Early In The Spring
  7. The Hungry Rock
    The Sleuce Gate
    Evening Comes Early
  8. Crooked Jack
  9. The Dark Slender Boy
  10. My Parents Reared Me Tenderly
  11. The Wheels Of The World
  12. Young Tom Ennis
    The Besom In Bloom
    The Cuigiu Lasses
  13. Sovay
  14. The Morning Dew
    The Morning Star

Four comments

I tend to stay away from songs and lean more towards the tunes, but after seeing Doyle play with Liz Carroll recently, I couldn’t resist getting this recording. His voice is simple, but powerful, and very nice on the ear.

More specifically, I like this recording because it has a nice mixture of John doing solo singing, duets, guitar and bouzouki accompaniment, and most impressively, melody guitar.

Doyle is joined at various points by Michael Aharon (hammond organ, bass, cello, keyboards), Mick Moloney (vocals), Liz Carroll (fiddle), John Anthony (percussion), Richie Stearns (clewhammer banjo, vocals), Sean Doyle (vocals), Kieran O’Hare (uillean pipes), John Williams (low whistle, concertina), Karan Casey (vocals), Liz Knowles (fiddle), and Beverly Smith (vocals).

This recording is readily available pretty much anywhere. It’s released by Shanachie at http://www.shanachie.com. You can also visit Doyle online at http://www.JohnDoyleMusic.com.

Definitely worth having.

Amazing CD

This is really a "Must Have" recording. It’s definitely on my Desert Island Top 10

Blue Diamond Mines

I heard this song and it reminded me of another song with different lyrics and sounds like Appalachian singing which is the closest living relative musically to old English ballads,

anyway to the point,
does anybody know of any songs which resemble this one in any way? and what about the previous one, is the melody borrowed from somewhere?