The Clear Stream - Guitar Music From Scotland And Beyond

By Various Artists

  1. Kate Dalrymple
  2. Accrington McBrides
    The Wexford Assembly
  3. Roslin Castle
  4. My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose
    The Lowlander
    The Golden Ox
    Scarce O’ Tatties
  5. Lady Lothian’s Lilt
    Rhona’s Tune
    The Canaries
  6. Zagreb
  7. My Home Town
  8. Leaving Stoer
  9. She Of Many Names
  10. Old Long Syne
  11. Vigo
  12. Da Day Dawns
    Ballater Rant
    Toss The Feathers
  13. Gille Callum
    The Eight O’Clock Train
  14. Sleep Dearie Sleep
    The March Of The Spanish Volunteers
    When She Came Ben She Bobbit
  15. The Battle Of Waterloo
  16. Enfin
    Sweet Rain
  17. The Voddy Girders

Two comments

The Clear Stream - Artist Listings

1. Tony Cuffe
2. Dick Gaughan
3. Jack Evans
4. Brian McNeill
5. Rob MacKillop
6. Tony McManus, Alain Genty & Soig Siberil
7. Tony Cuffe & William Jackson
8. Innes Watson
9. Dick Gaughan
10. Rob MacKillop
11. Tony McManus, Alain Genty & Soig Siberil
12. Innes Watson
13. Jack Evans
14. Brian McNeill & Dominique Dodge
15. Tony Cuffe
16. Tony McManus, Alain Genty & Soig Siberil
17. Tony Cuffe

Clear stream

Im pretty sure that the first tune is an arrangement of Rachel rae, not Kate Dalrymple.
A great CD, especially the Jack Evans and Tony McManus tracks - also Innes Watson, a new talent.

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