Kitty From Ballinamore

By Ash Plant

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  1. Kitty From Ballinamore
  2. Kyllinge-Sørens Dans
  3. Banish Misfortune
    The Humours Of Ballyloughlin
  4. Fahy’s Galway Bay
  5. Atten Gulerødder
    Poul Pejsen
  6. Lannigan’s Ball
    The Hag With The Money
    The Munster
  7. The Hangman’s Rope
    The Tailor’s Twist
  8. The Hackler From Grouse Hall
  9. Bridie Morley’s
  10. Concert Intro (speak)
  11. Danish
    Per Huggers To-tur
  12. Planxty Irwin
  13. Kresten Nørgaards Vals
  14. The Rocky Road To Dublin
  15. O’Brien’s
    Down The Broom
    The Gatehouse Maid

Two comments

Lovely recording!

A special feature is the smooth blend of Irish and Danish trad music - this was my first encounter with the Danish one and I was surprised at the affinity. Very well done.

Re: Kitty From Ballinamore

The Irish music is very well played here, of course, but I’ve really enjoyed hearing Danish music played on flute and fiddle. Great recording.

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