Venus In Tweeds

By Shooglenifty

  1. John Mckenzie’s Fancy
    The Kitchen Piper
  2. The Grampian Television
    Horace Shaw Of Highfield
    The Old Woman’s Dance
  3. The Point Road
  4. Venus In Tweeds
  5. Waiting For Conrad
  6. Two Fifty To Vigo
  7. Paranoia
  8. Buying A Blanket
    Murphy The Mousecatcher
  9. The Tammienorrie
    Leo Elsey’s
    Les Reel Des Voyageurs
  10. The Point Road (Joiner’s Mix)

Four comments

This is a great album but in no way what-so-ever relates to ITM. Shooglenifty are a great festival fusion, electric, dance band- they describe themselves as acid-croft folk- so you’ll get the picture, I hope.

Awesome album! I was introduced to it by my friend on the way to a Solas concert. Great album. Also, the sixth track, Two Fifty To Vigo, is covered by Lunasa on their album Redwood.

I would say it relates a little to ITM.

Re: Venus In Tweeds

Cracking album with some epic tunes! I just added Paranoia!