Out The Gap

By Sharon Shannon

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Tune names

I’m always disappointed when artists don’t provide the names of the tunes they build their medleys with…
For instance what’s the first one in Bungee Jumpers. I know I’ve heard this somewhere.
I like this album, for its originality… but, judging by the fact after two years Im the 1st one to leave a comment, I feel it does not raise a lot of passion.
Popularity is by no means a measure of quality.

Track 8 : Out The Gap

Thanks to Osvaldo Laviosa, I now know that the reel that follows the mazurka and the jig is called “Sarah MacManus”.
Osvaldo adds: “I’ve found the same 3rd tune of this medley in ”Signs“ by Kathryn Tickell (1993)”
Battlefield Band plays it.

The first part seems to be quite the same as the first part of The Maid Behind The Bar.

Great album !!

Yes, it’s a fantastic album, and Sharon Shannon has an amazing “swing”… but no comments doesn’t mean anything. According to me she’s the very best accordion player… :D

Tune names

Track 1: That’s Right, Too / Tommy’s Darbukas
Track 4: The Monaghan jig / The Dunmore Lasses
Track 6: An Comhra Donn / ?
(tune id thanks to Alan Ng @ irishtune.info. The hyperlink goes to the wrong tune )
Track 8: ? / ? / Miss Sarah MacManus
Still missing some…

Re: Out The Gap

Is track 6 tune 1 really a hornpipe??

Re: Out The Gap

Also meant to say that “Thunderhead ” jig which we are diverted to if link is clicked on is not the tune played on track 6

Re: Out The Gap

Tune #1 could be a hornpipe, but it’s certainly not “An Comhra Donn”. I’d say it’s more a barndance rhythm, and you’re absolutely correct - the second tune is nothing like “Thunderhead” at all.

Re: Out The Gap

i have posted this waltz on this site recently and it came up when Out the Gap was searched for on Google , for 2 weeks , but it no longer comes up with a Google search. You have to search this site for Out the Gap and then it comes up . Dont know why as when other tunes are posted here they come up in a Google search.