Unstrung Hero

By Brian McNeill

  1. Lift Your Glass To The Landlady
    Peter Calver’s Favourite
    The Steeple
  2. The Butterfly Chain
  3. Angela Morrison’s Pavanne
    The White Dress
    The Foggy Banks Of Haines
  4. The Boys That Broke The Ground
  5. The Tall Ships In Their Prime
  6. The Ivory
    Miss Susan Feddersen
    The Quill
  7. Belle-ile
  8. The Laverock Sang
  9. The Heron
  10. Molly’s Roses
    Hamish Henderson’s Refusal
  11. Blue Jay And A Cardinal
  12. Bothkennar
  13. Down The Road To Galloway
    Catherine Jane’s

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Re: Unstrung Hero

Fiddler with The Battlefield Band; 1985 release.

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