An Irish Jubilee

By Cathal McConnell And Robin Morton

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  1. Nil Se ’na La
    The Humours of Winnington
  2. The Hiring Fair at Hamiltonsbawn
  3. The Banks Of The Illen
  4. Matt Hyland
  5. The Dusty Miller
    Barney Brannigan
  6. On the Banks of a River near Blackwatertown
  7. MacNamara’s
    The Blue Angel
  8. The Gauger’s Song
  9. Gather Round The Fire
  10. Mary from Murroogh
  11. Summer Will Come with Planty of Hay
    Planxty Reynolds
  12. Thousands Are Sailing to Americay
  13. Lament for O’Donnell
  14. The Irish Jubilee
    The Glass of Beer
    The Longford

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An Irish Jubilee - 1970
Cathal McConnell (flute, tin whistle & vocal) & Robin Morton English concertina, bodhran & vocal)

Absolutely fantastic album. Lovely songs and Cathal’s playing is sublime.

Re: An Irish Jubilee

Track # 3 - “Three Out Of One” is Cathal McConnell’s playing of “The Banks Of The Illen” in 3 different time signatures.

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