By Barachois

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  1. Trois Demoiselles Qu’aviont Tant Dansé
  2. Les Filles à Jean Hubert
  3. Parlez-nous à Boire
    J’ai éte´z-au Bal
    Valse à Belizaire
    Chanson De Mardi Gras
  4. The Boxer
  5. Reel Du Gaspé
    Michael Rankin’s
  6. L’ermite
  7. Où Allez-vous Ma Petite Femme?
  8. J’ai Mis Des Cordes à Mon Violon
  9. En Haut De Ces Montagnes
  10. Reel à Johny à Alex
    Reel De Sid
    The Pitchfork
  11. Marin
  12. Suite De Jigs
  13. Lord McDonald’s
    Pigeon On The Gatepost
    Heather Hill
    Miss McLeod’s

Three comments

About it

This CD is the third album of Barachois, an Acadien group. In their traditional and energic style combine traditional songs with own tunes ore traditional tunes played with the Prince Edward’s Isle style.

There are two fiddles (Albert and Louise), a pum organd, guitar, feet, bass, percution…

In this album they do a cajun tribute.

The notes and lyrics are both in french and English.

I really recomend it to someone who likes this style or that he wants to know about it.

Bonjour, Anaís!

Pardonez mon délaissé Français…

J’aime Barachois beaucoup! Ils sont tres stupide sur scène, mais très drôle! Connaissez-vous ils sont ensemble ne plus?

Disculpe! Me le ocurrió hace poco está de España! Mi CD favorito de Barachois esta “Barachois”; puse eso CD en le base de datos. Reel du Pendu es excellente!


These guys used to put on a fine show, complete with a souzaphone (sp?) and a rhythm produced by sawing a 2X4 in half on the stage. Sad they’ve split up, but I know Louise is still playing - she was with Angele Arsenault at a festival in Montreal last year. They told me they did something like 300 shows a year, mostly on tour, so I guess they got tired.