Launching The Boat

By Siona

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Launching the Boat

I was surprised to find this one wasn’t listed here.It’s a rockin CD featuring players from Sligo and Leitrim:June McCormack(flute),Damian O’Brien (fiddle),Oliver Loughlin (piano accordian),kevin Brehony (piano).
Great stuff.

Wonderful music.

This is a classic CD that has been largely overlooked. It can hold its own against such other great albums as Noel Hill and Tony Linnane and Matt Molloy with Sean Keane and MM with Tommy Peoples.
The CD has great tunes, some common and some not so common — the opening track offers two little heard but great tunes. There isn’t a clinker track on the CD. Driving music played sensitively and with great passion by seasoned young musicians. This CD is a must have.

A few missing tune titles

Track 10: jig " port Gan Ainm ” is known as “ the thrush in the bush ”

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Does anybody have some names for the tunes the sets: The Castle Set, Track 9, etc. Thanks….

The second tune in the "An Buachaill Dreoite Set" is one of Paddy Fahey’s.

Extra track

I have an extra track on this album.
My track 9 is: "Reel Gan Aínm - The Old Road To Charlestown (Reels)"
Everything else after is the same (offset my one, of course)

Anyone else see this?
I’m wondering because I really love the first reel and can’t quite place it.

Extra track

No name (yet) for the first reel, but the second one is a composition of Brendan Tonra. Brendan was a native of the Charlestown, Co. Mayo area who emigrated to Boston in 1959. Sadly Brendan passed away last year. He left a body of 90 compositions behind.

Re: Launching The Boat

@Joe Battle, you don’t have an extra track. In fact there are actually 13 tracks on the album but the original poster seems to have omitted the actual track nine which consists of The Saratoga Hornpipe / The Old Road to Charlestown. I sent a PM to Jeremy to see if he can correct that.