Familiar Footsteps

By Dezi Donnelly

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Dezi Donnelly

Dezi is a 5 time all Ireland champion, this album is great nice swing & the piano backup is is excellent. Another must have for fiddlers everywhere!


There are several Kilfenora jigs and the one on this album isn’t the one that comes up when you click on that name/link.
I can’t say that I like the piano accompaniment on this album but the guitar accompaniment is top class in my opinion.

Dezi Donnelly - Gan Ainm

The fifth track of Dezi Donnelly’s album has a couple of tunes that are Gan Ainm. I happen to really like these tunes and have gone to the trouble to notate/abc them (there must be a verb for that).
What I am wondering is what will happen to these poor anonymous tunes in terms of linkage to track 5 on the recordings section of the site. If they are only left as Gan Ainm they will be lost in the database forever, but maybe someone might find them of interest if they knew that these were the tunes from track 5 of the album - “Familiar Footsteps”.
I thought I would try and get this sorted out before I go posting the tunes.

Re: Dezi Donnelly - Gan Ainm

Hi Donough

You could be a real help to me. I have been listening to this album over the last few months with the intention of learning some of the tunes. I hate to have to admit this on this forum, but I find it really difficult to learn the tunes purely by ear and rely on the dots, recordings and much perseverance when learning tunes. If you have the dots for any of the tunes on the album I would be really grateful if you could let me have a copy, or let me know when you post them.

The Irony of my situation is that I

Cloggers Quilt

I have just posted the tune Cloggers Quilt also today.
If anyone wants the gan Ainm tunes on track 5 I can send them to you.

Nearly four years later and I have finally identified one of the Track 5 Gan Ainms. The first tune in that set is “Paddy Ryan’s Nightmare”. I think I did post the tune here as a Gan Ainm but I couldn’t find it. Anyway the way the track listing is worded I couldn’t get them to link up as there are two tunes but the track is listed as just “Gan Ainm”.


Found the 1st Gan Ainm of track 5 that I posted before and have given it the alternate title. Now all that needs to happen is for Brad to change the listing of track 5 here to:
“Paddy Ryan’s Nightmare / Gan Ainm”


this is a fun album! 🙂