By Heyfeva

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  1. Morrison’s
    Drowsy Maggie
  2. Tanz! Tanz! Jidelekh!
  3. The Prophecy
  4. Muinera
    Charles O’Connor
    The Roman Wall
  5. Michael Turner’s
    Speed The Plough
    Tommy’s Tarbukas
    Homage A Edmond Parizeau
  6. The Long Walk
    Bruno’s Tea
  7. Sneeze
  8. Pig’s Brawl
    The Mexican Tent
  9. Jiggery Pokerwork
  10. Slangen
    The Fiddle Castro’s Return To Galway
    Orange Blossom Special
  11. Barton Broad
    The Holy Session
  12. Grandma’s
    Eeen A Can
  13. Mazurka De Samatan
    Pressed For Time
    MacArthur Road

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Dead link. No internet presence.

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