Leaving Friday Harbour

By Battlefield Band

  1. Clan Coco
    The Road To Benderloch
    Fifteen Stubbies To Warragul
  2. The Last Trip Home
    The Luckenbooth
  3. It’s Nice To Be Nice
    The Auld Toon Band
  4. The Straw Man
  5. Leaving Friday Harbour
  6. The 24th Guards Brigade At Anzio
    The Melbourne Sleeper
    MacRae’s Of Linnie
  7. One More Chorus
    The Mason’s Apron
    The Mountain Road
  8. The Pleasure Will Be Mine
  9. Something For Jamie
  10. The Sisters
    Marion And Donald
    The Lassie With The Yellow Petticoat
    Jesse The Body Ventura’s
  11. Logie O’Buchan
  12. The Canongate Twitch
    Steamboat To Detroit
    Twenty Pounds Of Gin
    Break Yer Bass Drone
  13. Love No More
  14. Bobby
    Bag Of Plums
  15. Jimmy Waddell

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Re: Leaving Friday Harbour/Leaving Friday Harbor

FYI: released in the U.S., with the American spelling of harbor, as “Leaving Friday Harbor”. I’m posting this in the hopes that those searching for the American spelling of this album will find their way here.

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Re: Leaving Friday Harbour

I have a question about track 14. It has two tunes listed, but it just sounds like one tune and it’s a very short track. (I just know the digital version). Does anyone know if it’s 2 tunes, or the same tune with 2 names?

Re: Leaving Friday Harbour

“Bobby” is a reel in G by John McCusker. “Bag of Plums” is a jig by John McCusker and Ian Carr. They were originally recorded as track 4 on John’s 1995 debut album, titled “John McCusker”.

“Leaving Friday Harbour”, released in 1999, was John’s second album with the Battlefield Band.

The music for both tunes is available in two tune books John has published:
1. “Bothwell Boy” from Kinmor Music published in 1998 &
2. “The Collection”, from Under One Sky Records see: https://www.johnmccusker.co.uk/shop/tunebooks/thecollection/

Re: Leaving Friday Harbour

The sleeve notes on my “Leaving Firday Harbour” CD confirm tracks 12 to 15 were added to the recording by Temple Records as samples of other music by the band and tracks from sols albums by band members hence their short duration.

Finding a copy of John’s Debut CD, called “John McCusker, is your best bet if you want to hear full versions of ”Bobby“ and ” Bag of Plums". This is still available from Temple Records https://www.templerecords.co.uk/products/john-mccusker-john-mccusker

Re: Leaving Friday Harbour

Thanks for the information about the tunes and recording, Big Bean. That makes sense!