The West Of Ireland

By Boys Of The Lough

  1. The West Of Ireland (song)
  2. Stella’s Trip To Kamloops
    Farewell To The Dene
    Fred’s Tune
  3. The Steamboat
    The Sheffield
  4. The Maid With The Bonny Brown Hair
  5. The Green Linnet
    John Ward’s
    Mama’s Pet
  6. Sharon Eubank’s
  7. My Bonnie Blue-Eyed Lassie
    The Boys Of Twenty-Five
    The Strokestown
  8. Rocks Of Bawn (song)
  9. Small Coals And Little Money
    The Lisheen
  10. Beauty Deas An Oileain (song)
  11. The Old Torn Petticoat
    The Humours Of Ballinahinch
    The Longford
  12. Dark Is The Colour (song)
  13. Glin Cottage No 1
    Glin Cottage No 2

Five comments

Keys for playing along

Track 1 Cmaj
Track 2 A/D/G/A
Track 3 G/D
Track 4 Fmaj
Track 5 D/G/D
Track 6 Amaj
Track 7 Bb/Eb/?
Track 8?
Track 9 G/?
Track 10 Dmaj
Track 11 Am/?/Bm
Track 12 Dmaj
Track 13 Em/Bm/D

Musicians on this album.

Boys of the Lough:
Aly Bain (Shetland) fiddle
Cathal McConnell (Fermanagh) flute, whistles,vocals (tracks 1,4, 8, 12)
Dave Richardson (Northumberland) concertina, mandoline, accordion
Brendan Begley (Kerry) accordion, melodeon, vocal (track 10)
Malcolm Stitt (Highlands)guitar, bouzouki

guest musicians:
Mick O’Brien (Dublin) uillean pipes, whistles
Kathryn Tickell (Northumberland) fiddle,viola, Northumberland small pipes
Ron Shaw (Lothian) cello
Garry O’Brien (Clare) piano, guitar, mandocello

Track 9

The Lisheen is listed as a jig in the archives. On this recording it is played as a reel. I am looking for the music. And will post it whenever.

Lisheen Slide

It seems that the slide is just made into a reel. Which is not surprising given the range of instrumentation and variety keys used in this recording. Give this album a 10 for listening and feeling.

Unfortunately because of a typo in track 2, this isn’t linking to “Farewell To The Dene”. I e-mailed windybaer to try and get it edited but to no avail. Oh well, at least I tried…