By Birkin Tree

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  1. The Maids Of Mt. Kisco
    Green Mountain
  2. The Foxy Devil
  3. The Lombard War Piper
    The Miller’s Maggot
    Evil Suggestion
    Martin Wynne’s Waterbed
  4. The Bird In The Bush
    The Silver Spear
    King Of The Clan
  5. Carrickfergus
  6. Tribute To Derek Bell
    The Foxhunter
  7. A Sad Night
    The Morning Dew
  8. Morning Dew (reprise)

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3(three) by Birkin Tree

Finally the third cd by the Italian band The Birkin Tree has come out and with no surprise we’re talking about a smashing album. With the collaboration of Niamh Parsons (vocals on track 3) and Cyril O’Donoghue, their third album mixes the sound of jazz and string quartet with the best Irish sound. Full of atmosphere on both traditional and original pieces, it’s a must have for all the Irish music fans.