All Things Considered

By Danu

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I was looking throught the tune list an found a minor error which would mess up cross reference efforts.

Track one is:
The Garsun Who Beat his Father
Sean McGuire’s
Jimmy Kelly’s

This one of my favorite CD’s. I’m not a real fan of songs but if the instrumentals have gotten my attention enough, the songs start taking hold after a while of listening. All around great CD.

John Carty’s

What’s the third tune in track 8? It’s not John Carty’s…

This one…?

There are 3 reels posted here under the name “John Carty’s”. It doesn’t take too long to check them out. I think the “Danu” “John Carty’s” is this one, posted 2 years ago by Niall Kenny.
Unfortunately when more than 1 tune shares the same name, it’s a bit of a lottery as to whether or not the tune in any recording links to the correct tune posted here.

Re: All Things Considered

Tom Doorley - flute and low whistle
Eamonn Doorley - bouzouki and mandola
Brendan McCarthy - button accordion, melodeon and harmonica
Oisin MacAuley - fiddle, harmony vocals, guitar
Jesse Smith - fiddle and viola
Noel Ryan - guitar
Donnchadh Gough - bodhran and uilleann pipes
Ciaran O’Gealbhain - vocals, piano accordion

Recorded in 2000/2001.