The Arms Dealer’s Daughter

By Shooglenifty

  1. Glenuig Hall
    The Wrong Box
  2. The Arms Dealer’s Daughter
    Aye Right
  3. Heading West
  4. Missed The Bypass
    The Reid St. Sofa
    Fit ’Re Ye Dain Up Ma Vennel?!
  5. The Nordal Rhumba
  6. Bar Bruno’s
  7. A Fistful Of Euro
    The New Rat #6
  8. Carboni’s Farewell
    The Patient Man
  9. Scraping The Barrel
    Filding’s Possum
    Take The Tunnel
  10. Tune For Bartley

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The Arms Dealer’s Daughter

2003. Shoogle Records

This is a really cool album I just got it yesterday. Unlike anything I have ever heard before.

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