A Lovely Madness

By Beoga

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A Lovel Madness - Lovely Yes, Mad? Maybe

Beoga are Sean Og Graham (box, guitar, bouzouki, triangle!), Liam Bradley (piano, organ, clavinet, wurlitzer), Damian McKee (box) and Eamon Murray (bodhran, percussion, rhythm box). The tunes are, for the most part, originals - composed and arranged in a highly individualistic, energetic, blinding style. More details at http://www.beogamusic.com

What’s Not To Love?

Two boxes, piano and bodhran!

I had the great pleasure of sitting alongside Damian and Sean Og at a session at the Plough & Stars in San Francisco a couple years ago. The two of them shook the walls with their stereo accordions.

When Liam finally jumped in on the piano, the floor joined along and started bouncing. I love these guys, I’ve been waiting for this CD to arrive.

Saw the last fall

Last fall they toured Germany together with Kevin Burke/Ged Foley and Solas. That was a great show, man! Whish I could have seen them twice.
Their verve was phenomenal. When I bought the CD I missed Niamh Dunne but she appears on the website as memeber. That`s great.
Most amazing was Eamon’s playing the bodhran. My wife and I were blown away.
We surely will attend any concert they give near our place!
Don’t miss them!

Re: A Lovely Madness

I have only been recently introduced to the music of Beoga and I am enjoying it very much indeed. With reference to the track ‘Prelude Polkas’ from the disc ‘A Lovely Madness’, I wonder if anyone could tell me if the instrumentation includes bass guitar, maracas, glockenspiel, and tubular bell. If not, is a synthesiser producing these - or some of these - effects.
Kind regards,

Re: A Lovely Madness

I would be very grateful if anyone could shed some light on my previous question.
The reason why I ask is that ‘Prelude Polkas’ is one of the set works (new specification) for GCSE music and the support notes provided by CCEA appear to be flawed.
Thanking you.