The Sligo Maid

By Carmel Gunning

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Carmel Gunning “The Sligo Maid”

Sligo whistle player and singer Carmel Gunning’s latest recording with Charlie Lennon (on piano) and Junior Davey (on bodhran). She herself is a superb player, but her past pupils also become well-known musicians now: Liam Kelly of Dervish, June McCormack, and Damien Stenson of Teada. Another past pupil of her, Olivia McTernan plays flute as a guest on this album.

I would dare to say, this is even better than her previous recordings: “she leaves no doubt that she has matured and mellowed into a well-respected performer with an individualistic style,” writes Seamus Duffy in the notes.

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The Sligo Maid CD.

The Sligo Maid and Corran Hill CDs can only be bought from Carmel Gunning herself. If you know of any other outlet that is selling these CDs please phone 00 353 876 250 454.

Re: The Sligo Maid

My CD The Sligo Maid which came out in 2004 is now again available for sale at Ceolarus Coleman Centre in Gurteen at 0719182599 and from myself at 0876250454. The CD sleeve is updated in images and the details are the same. Signed, Carmel Gunning