Weeds In The Garden

By Muintir Lewis

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Muintir Lewis

The Lewis family are : John [ flute ], Breda [mandolin ], and their 2 children Patsy [ concertina ] and Liam [ fiddle ]. This was recorded on the Tara label in 1978. Music mainly from their local area of Galway, including 3 of Paddy Fahey’s compositions. What you see is what you get - 4 musicians playing in various combinations, with no “guest” apperances, straightforward , simple arrangements of a fine selection of tunes , all at the very leisurely pace so common of East Galway - style players. A lovely album.

Muintir Lewis

A few years down the track but I have had this album on cassette for many years and well passed around among friends.

I have just digitised it and it is great to hear it again.

Kenny hit it on the spot in 2005 with his words.

Bad mistake, DR. You should never mess with Tara!

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