Past Masters Of Irish Dance Music

By Various Artists

  1. Sporting Paddy
    Murphy’s Favourite
    The Haymaker
  2. The Rose In The Heather
    The Frost Is All Over
  3. The Limestone Rock
    Gan Ainm
  4. Gan Ainm
    Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Swing Band
    Leather Away The Wattle O
  5. The Kildare Fancy
    The Boys Of Blue Hill
  6. The Salamanca
    Roaring Mary
  7. The Donegal Lasses
    Stirling Castle
  8. The Flax In Bloom
    The Bag Of Potatoes
  9. Highland Gan Ainm
    Love Will You Marry Me
  10. The Mountain Lark
    The Traveller
  11. The Honeysuckle
    Pound Hill
  12. The Pipe On The Hob
  13. Knocknagow
    The Fowling Piece
  14. The Liverpool
    The Red Haired Lad
  15. King Of The Jigs
    An T’Athair Jack Walsh
  16. The Auld Blackthorn
  17. The Rakes Of Clonmel
  18. The Green Mountain
    The Longford Maid
  19. The Maid Behind The Bar
  20. The Cavan Brigade
    When The Cock Crows It Is Day
    Sixpenny Money
  21. The Bag Of Spuds
    Rakish Paddy
  22. The Monaghan
    Henchy’s Delight
  23. Geaghan’s Favourite
    The Galway Rambler
    The London Lassies

Six comments

“Past Masters of Irish Dance Music”

edited by Reg Hall
Topic TSCD604

23 tracks of dance music - Ceili bands and orchestras, from “The Four Provinces” to “The Flanagan Brothers”, and a sweet track of jigs from Seamus Ennis and another track of reels from Michael Grogan…

I love this album.
I’ve been learning alot of tunes from it recently.

I recognise alot of them, they’re under different names to what I know.

The Donegal Lassies is not a jig on the CD

The Donegal Lassies on the CD is a Highland Fling and not a jig. It is a completely different tune than the Donegal Lass jig.

Track 20 is The cavan brigade/When the cock crows/sixpenny money

😏 - Oops!

Thanks Mc twist, not sure how I got that listing confused, and what I’d originally listed isn’t anywhere else on this recording… I’ve now corrected it.

Re: Past Masters Of Irish Dance Music

The Highland which here is called „The Donegal Lasses“ (Track 7) is „Duncan Davidson‘s“.