Past Masters Of Irish Dance Music

By Various Artists

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"Past Masters of Irish Dance Music"

edited by Reg Hall
Topic TSCD604

23 tracks of dance music - Ceili bands and orchestras, from "The Four Provinces" to "The Flanagan Brothers", and a sweet track of jigs from Seamus Ennis and another track of reels from Michael Grogan…

I love this album.
I’ve been learning alot of tunes from it recently.

I recognise alot of them, they’re under different names to what I know.

The Donegal Lassies is not a jig on the CD

The Donegal Lassies on the CD is a Highland Fling and not a jig. It is a completely different tune than the Donegal Lass jig.

Track 20 is The cavan brigade/When the cock crows/sixpenny money

😏 - Oops!

Thanks Mc twist, not sure how I got that listing confused, and what I’d originally listed isn’t anywhere else on this recording… I’ve now corrected it.