The Coleman Country Céilí Band

By The Coleman Country Ceili Band

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Seamus Tansey

This is half of a CD that was deleted previously by Jeremy. It includes two albums featuring Seamus Tansey -
"Jigs, Reels & Airs" & "The Coleman Country Ceili Band"
28 tracks in all - G.T.D. Heritage Recording Co., available from Ossian and others.

The Coleman Country Ceili Band =
Alphie Dineen - accordian & ‘leader’
Seamus Tansey - flute
Paddy Sweeney - banjo
John Watters - drums
Mary Mulholland - piano

Coleman Country Ceili Band

I was listening to my old cassette of this album bought many years ago in Vinny McDonagh´s shop in Ballymote.
As well as the musicians Ceolachan mentions above, Seamus Horan plays fiddle.
It really is a superb album, all the old session favourites are there. Anyone new to session playing and wanting to equip themselves with a good selection of commonly played tunes would do well to take the time to learn these.
They are all played at a ferocious pace which doesnt make learning them easy (unless you´ve got the technology to slow them down) but that´s the speed they are danced at, and that´s what this music is all about.

Re: The Coleman Country Céilí Band

Oops! & thanks murfbox, an oversight on my part, of all things, to miss the fiddler…

Thanks too to Kenny, it was a misspelling and should have read "The Navvy’s Farewell", now changed and linked…