Irish Dance Music

By Various Artists

  1. The Westport Chorus
    The Sunny Banks
  2. Ginger’s Favourite
    Bogs Of Allen
  3. The Sweet Flowers Of Milltown
    The Boys From Knock
  4. O’Dowd’s
    The Star Of Munster
  5. Ah! Surely
    The Maid On The Green
  6. The Maids Of Galway
    Over The Moor To Peggy
  7. Bonnie Kate
    The Swallow’s Tail
    Molly Brannigan
  8. Off To California
  9. The Drunken Tailor
    The Teetotaler
  10. The Maid Of Ballinatra
  11. The Frieze Breetches
    The Cook In The Kitchen
    Lannigan’s Ball
  12. Scotch Mary
    The Ivy Leaf
  13. The Boys Of Blue Hill
    The Stack O’ Wheat
  14. The Stack Of Oats
    Shannon Waves
  15. Kitty’s Rambles
    The Merry Old Woman
    The Humours Of Ballinafad
  16. The High Road To Galway
    The Groves
    The Salamanca
  17. Carraroe
  18. The Old Bush
  19. The First House In Connaught
    The Green Gate
  20. Mill Pond
    The Mist On The Meadow
  21. The Ash Plant
    The Merry Harriers
    The Hut In The Bog
  22. The Lasses Of Carracastle
    The Maid Of Mt. Kisko
    St. Ruth’s Bush

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“Irish Dance Music” - edited by Reg Hall

- 1. Frank Quinn
- 2. Michael J. Cashin
- 3. Tom Morrison & John Reynolds
- 4. Michael Coleman
- 5. Bart Henry’s Traditional Quartet Orchestra
- 6. McKenna & Gaffney
- 7. K. Scanlon
- 8. Michael J. Grogan
- 9. Micahel J. Grogan & John Howard
10. George Halpin & M. Stanford
11. The Flanagan Brothers
12. J. Flanagan
13. McConnell’s Four Leaf Shamrocks
14. The Four Provinces Orchestra
15. Pat Roche’s Harp & Shamrock Orchestra
16. Erin’s Price Orchestra
17. Frank Lee’s Tara Ceilidh Band
18. Siamsa Gaedheal Ceilidhe Band
19. Ballinakill (Co. Galway) Traditional Dance Players
20. Jerry Moloney & Tommy Whyte
21. Moate Ceilidhe Band
22. Lough Gill Quartet
23. Belhavel Trio
24. Kincora Ceilidhe Band