Echoes Of Erin

By The Tulla Ceili Band

  1. The Battering Ram
    Tell Her I Am
  2. Gallagher’s Frolics
    The Blooming Meadow
  3. The Kilfenora
  4. Spanish Lady
    The Hayden Fancy
  5. The Cottage Groves
    The Sally Gardens
  6. The Siege Of Ennis
  7. Tim Moloney’s
  8. St. Ruth’s Bush
    The Corner House
  9. Farewell To Connaught
    The Bucks Of Oranmore
  10. Imelda Roland’s
    The Connolly
  11. The Killimor
    The Leitrim
  12. The Good Natured Man
    Kitty’s Wedding

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“Tulla Ceili Band” - good resources and a good read - - -

“The Tulla Ceili Band” by Chris Keane, 1998

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Joe Cooley (1924 - 73)

The Tulla Ceili Band - some on the roster:

The recording made for ‘Dublin Records’ in 1958 took 90 minutes… Any corrections or clarity added to the following is very welcome…

Garda Bert McNulty - fiddle (founding member)
P.J. (Patrick Joseph) Hayes - fiddle (1957 AI)
Paddy Canny - fiddle (1957 AI)
John O’Shaughnessy - fiddle
Dr. Bill Loughnane - fiddle
Miss Aggie Whyte - fiddle
Bobby Casey - fiddle

Martin Mulhaire - melodeon (1958 recording)
Joe McNamara - melodeon (1957 AI)
Paddy McNamara - melodeon (1957 AI)
Joe Cooley - melodeon

Peter O’Loughlin - flute (1957 AI)
Michael Preston - flute
Jack Murphy - flute
Paddy O’Donohue - flute
James O’Donohue - flute

Willie Clancy - pipes

Seamus Cooley - banjo

John Keane - drums (1958 recording, 1953 their first drummer)

Miss Theresa Tubridy - piano (1946 founding member, left in ’47)
John Reid - piano/fiddle (1957 AI & 1958 recording, leader from ’47)

Track 3: “The Kilfenora Jig” ~ not the set, only the 5-part jig…

#2-of-3 in Kilfenora Ceili Band Set, 50’s
Key signature: D Major
Submitted on September 4th 2002 by Bannerman.


Try sitting still while listening to this…the only thing with as much groove as these guys had would be the lahawns.


Also known as :
“The Tulla Ceili Band - Winners of the All-Ireland Championship”
on the “Shamrock Souvenir Records” label SLP 903.
“Featuring an enchanting selection of Irish dance music”.

Players on this recording…

..from sleeve notes :
Fiddles - P.J. Hayes - John O’Shaughnessy - Dr. Bill Loughnane.
Flute - Michael Preston
Accordion - Martin Mulhaire
Banjo - Seamus Cooley
Piano - John Reid
Drums - John Keane

Track 5 is an accordion solo by Martin Mulhaire.

Thanks Kenny, appreciated. I hadn’t that information, though I do have a commercial recording of this.

Re: Echoes Of Erin

The first jig on Track 11 is “The Killimor Jig” by Sean Ryan. The album lists the name of the tune as “Sean Ryan’s” but that title linked it to “The Castle” instead of this fine G major jig.

Re: Echoes Of Erin

@Terry - you should change the link then! 🙂