Traditional Irish Fiddle Music

By The Kilfenora Céilí Band

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The Kilfenora “Fiddle” Ceili Band =

Tommy Peoples - fiddle
Tom Hegarty - fiddle
Michael Kelleher - fiddle
Tom Ward - fiddle

Jimmy Ward - tenor banjo
Paddy ‘Organ’ Mullins - flute
Michael Sexton - Accordion
Pat Madigan - Bass
Jimmy Leyden - drums
Kitty Linnane - piano
P.J. Murrihy - guitar - & vocals for the songs, tracks 4 & 11

Second tune in the first track is The Dublin Reel -- anybody got the name of the first tune?

Oh, and the third tune is Rip the Calico.

The older edition of this CD is known as “Irish Traditional Fiddle Music”. I have the CD of the older edition, the tunes are the same.

RE: Track 12- McDermot’s

Does anyone have a transcription for the first reel in track 12, called Mcdermot’s? I tried to learn it off my recorder at half speed, but some of the phrases are a little vague. I haven’t found any tune on the session that sounds similar. Thanks.


It’s this one, isn’t it ?

This was originally an LP record recorded by the English “Transatlantic” label, around 1975, I think. Pops up in many disguises, often on very cheap CDs, sometimes with the “Glenside” Ceili Band. All of the tunes are listed here somewhere. I’ll create “links” for them by the end of the week.


No it ain’t. Sorry – wrong McDermott. The “KCB’s” “McDermott’s” reel is Josie McDermott’s “Trip To Birmingham”, but the sheet music posted here under that title is a mess. The tune is in “G” to start with, not “D”. “slainte” and I have both posted “abc” versions in the “comments”. It is also the “Josie McDermott’s” reel which appears on Matt Molloy’s first LP.

Track 2, the first jig

I was able to play most of the first jig on track 2, playing at half pace, but I forget how it went. I will try to see if the tune if already posted some during the session. In case anyone else is interested, I found of that “Joys of Love” is the same as “Donnybrook Fair” and “Bridgie McGrath’s” is the same as John Kelly’s Slide.

Tune names & track links

I’ve tried to identify the un-linked tunes on this recording, as most of them have been posted here:

Track 1 : “Kilfenora reels” are :

a)- “Connemara Stocking”

b) – “The Westmeath Hunt” [ not the “Dublin” ]

c)- “A Fair Wind” : version posted here is “Tamalin”’s version in “A”.

Track 2 - 2nd jig is a version of “The Star Above The Garter”

Track 5 – 1st reel “Mullin’s” = “The Green Mountain”

Track 7 is 5 reels:

a)- “The Flax In Bloom”

b)- “The Liffey Banks”

c)- is “Dinny O’Brien’s”

d)- “Morrison’s” = “Miss Langford’s”

e)- “Come West Along The Road”

Track 10, 3rd reel, “Peadar’s” = “Boil The Breakfast Early”

Track 12 :
a)- “McDermott’s” = “Josie McDermott’s” / “Trip To Birmingham”
The sheet music here is inaccurate, to say the least. See “abc” notation in the “Comments”.

b)- “Tierney’s” = “Tom Billy’s / Speed The Plough”

Track 13 – “The Gold Ring” is the jig in “D”

Track 14
a)- “Reel Of Bogie”

b) – “The Kerry” = “The Green Fields Of Rosbeigh”

Re: Track 2

Kenny, are you sure about the second jig in track two being a version of Star Above the Garter? It sound more like John Kelly’s slide to me.
In addition, I think the first jig in Track 2 is the one transcribed in the comments on Water from the Well recording as the first jig on Track 12 of Water from the Well. I’m not possitive, but it sounds (without listening to that actual tune on Water from the Well) very similar.

Traditional Irish Fiddle Music

Kenny, I forgot to say Thanks for identifying these tunes!


You’re quite right, catherine [ I deduce ]. It is indeed “John Kelly’s” and not the “Star”.

Damn nice work! ~ I wish someone had let me know…
I’d forgot to do the usual searching and linking myself, as happens now and again… 😏

Here follows a bit from Nigel’s duplication ~

“The Kilfenora Ceili Band” ~ the LP

Transatlantic TRS108
Recorded at The West County Inn, Ennis, County Clare on January 4th 1974.
Produced by Mick Moloney.

# Posted on September 4th 2007 by nigelg

I have this disc from Legacy International, CD308. Found it on Amazon looking for Tommy Reck. Cheap, too!