The First Month Of Spring

By John Vesey And Paul Brady

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  1. The Collier’s
    The Merry Harriers
  2. Wynnie Flynn’s
    Uncle Ginger’s
  3. The Pride Of Rock Chapel
  4. Killoran’s
    Cronin Of Kerry
  5. Charlie Mulvihill’s
    First Month Of Summer
  6. The Reel Of Rio
    Green Mountain
  7. Ah Surely
    McGlinchey’s Fancy
  8. Martin Wynne’s
  9. Up Sligo
  10. The First Month Of Spring
    Ed Reavy’s Fancy
  11. The Tramp
  12. Love At The Endings
    The Blackthorn Stick

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Shanachie, 1977

There are some uncommon tune names which I’ve entered off the sleeve but some have more familiar names:

Winnie Flynn’s is The Sword in Hand
Roosky Jig is Gmaj Munster Buttermilk
The Pride of Rock Chapel is The Banks of Lough Gowna
Killoran’s is Gmaj Maud Miller
McGlinchey’s Fancy is McGreevy’s Favorite
The First Month of Spring is Last Night’s Fun

The 2nd Up Sligo jig is the same one Coleman did. I don’t know the name.

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The First Month of Summer is My Love is Fair and Handsome.
The Tramp is The Reel of Bogie - it says so on the record.

Available Again

The Coleman Heritage Centre has put out a 2 cd set, bundling this with Eddie Cahill’s Shanachie flute record.

It’s called Two Sligo Masters.

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Errors or discrepency with newer edition…

Every tune and set listed above is either wrong or different on the edition that I have. It is released as part of "Two Sligo Masters", and must be a different album. I think the order was changed and tune names were edited…

On the collection of "Sligo masters", the tunes are:
1) Reel of Rio and Maid behind the Bar
2) Up Sligo
3) Mulvihill’s and McFadden’s Handsome Daughter
4) The Collier’s and the Blackberry Blossom
5) Martin Wynne’s 1 & 2
6) Around the World for Sport and The Curlew
7) The Pride of Rockchapel, The Cat that ate the Candle, and Munster Buttermilk
8) Reel of Bogey ( The Tramp)
9) Ah! Surely and An Corran Bui
10) My Love is Fair and Handsome and The Pride of Rathmore
11) Love at the Endings and The Old Blackthorn Stick
12) Last Night’s Fun and The Master’s Return

The titles and sequence are those of the lp; obviously a lot of his tune names were personal/local. So yeah, the cd has changed the sequence and tune titles and I can’t figure which cd track is lp track 4. I wonder why they juggled the sequence?

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edl says above that the tracks posted are from Shanachie in 1977, which in those far-off days meant an LP record. Presumably they changed the track order when they issued it on CD. Nothing wrong with edl’s track order at all. They may well also have changed some of the tune titles.

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That is interesting that they would retitle the Merry Harriers as the Blackberry Blossom - never made the connection but Vesey’s tune (which isn’t the reel usually called by that name) is very much like the BB, but with the parts shifted a bar or two, like the Star of Munster vs. the Stone in the Field.

Vesey’s tune is a real gem. Been playing it since I acquired this recording long ago.