Ear To The Ground

By Midnight Court

  1. Pride Of The Springfield Road
  2. Erin’s Isle
  3. Cape Breton Set
  4. Carrowclare
  5. Mug Of Brown Ale Set
  6. Step It Out Mary
  7. Rita Kilty
  8. Controversial
    Tom O’Dowd’s
    The Burren
  9. Shady Grove
  10. Chickens Clicking
    Lomanach Cross
  11. Cape Breton Set-Remix By The Band And The Seven Drunken Dwarfs

One comment

Hard to get@amazon…

…. amazon.com has only listed the first MC-CD "Halfmoon";
amazon.co.uk has listed nothing except the T.Rex CD (which is definitely not ITM);
amazon.de has listed the MC-CDs "Ear to the ground" and "Ring the bell…", but is not so easy to use for nongermans …..
anyway - forget amazon and try musicscotland.com - its easy to use from GB, EUROland and the US as well …. (thats where I finally got Doherty