Vol. 1 Catchin’ The Tune

By The Irish Tradition

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Billy McComiskey, Brendan Mulvihill and Andy O’Brien.

This was their first album together, self-produced and only a few hundred copies pressed. This is crying out for a reissue but the master tapes may be lost.
They made this album around the same time they were inciting riots down at the Dubliner on Capitol Hill. There is a lot of energy in the playing on this record, and the settings of the tunes are all quite original. The last track singes my eyebrows every time I hear it!
Do what you can to find this album. Maybe Brendan will make you a copy: www.brendanmulvihill.com

Thanks patrick

Thanks for the link to Brendan Mulvihill.

Brendan came to Morgantown (WV-USA) for a "House concert " once, with Donna Long. "And He sat and he played in a dream, and thought not of evil chance,……. for he had an "angelic" countenance, and people remarked on it, in amazement. Not much money in a house concert, but I mention it here because: he wasn’t here for the money. He was obviously and immensely enjoying himself, and we were the beneficiaries. WB