Na Draiodoiri

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Na Draoidoiri

"Na Draiodoiri" were:

Robbie Hughes - uilleann pipes
Gabriel McArdle - songs,whistle, mandolin
Jim Hoy - Accordeon
Gary Hastings - flute
Mal Whyte - Bodhran, whistle

An obscure one this, on a French label, I was very lucky to find it at the Lorient Festival some years ago, and managed to get it back to Scotland in one piece.

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Obscure is right. I didn’t even know a recording existed of this outfit who flourished briefly in the late 70s. But I thought it was Gerry O’Donnell who was the fluter — he was at one time or another. I think the first of the highlands on track 10 should read "Jimmy DuFFy’s". Doubtless a French misspelling.

I wonder…..

This was recorded in 1979. It definitely says Gary Hastings on the sleeve, but there is a photo on the back of a flute player with a lot of hair and a beard. Impossible for me to say whether or not it’s Gary Hastings, and after all, how many of us look today like we did in 1979? [ Except Cliff Richard ! ]
I’ve never seen Gerry O’Donnell, so couldn’t say if it’s him or not.
"Duffy’s" makes more sense, so I’ve changed it.

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Long hair, beard — it’s Gerry alright, because Gary never sported a beard. That’s not to say that it isn’t Gary on the recording. Gary and I are still in contact and I’ll ask him about the recording.

Note: "James Duffy’s" can be found under "Four Provinces Fling" or "Jamie Duffy’s Highland"

Na Draiodoiri Update.

Kenny, if you read this, get this. A fella showed up at the session at Fergie’s yesterday w. bodhran and whistle, it was none other than Mal Whyte. He has been acting for some years now and lives in Philly. Of course, we have many mutual friends and we had a good day’s tunes and blethering, so I hope he’ll be a regular sessioneer in the future. I’ll have to find that copy of the recording you made for me.

Hi, LongNote….

Good to hear from you - hope all is well. Also good to hear that Mal Whyte is still playing. Incidentally, this recording seems to have been released on CD in 2001. There’s a different photo on the back from the one which is on the record, and I’d be 99% certain that it’s not Gary Hastings in the photo. I’ll drop you a pm in a wee while to catch up with news.

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