By Darren Maloney

  1. Farewell To Whalley Range
    The First Pint
  2. Kissing Fishes
    Reel Des Cinq Joumelles
  3. Annaghmakerrig House
    The Morning Room
    The Black Cat (Reel, D. Maloney composition)
  4. Catharsis
    InP KaroNg
  5. Vonnie’s Poem
  6. An Geall Briste
    The Piper’s Despair
  7. Ample Warning
  8. Trupenny
    Kandy Girls
  9. Singing In Irun
    Maura On A Bicycle
    No 39
  10. Johnny Leary’s
    Con Cassidy’s
  11. Happy-Go-Lucky
    Graffiti Fridge
    A Fridge Too Far
  12. Run Down

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Recent release by a stellar banjo and mandolin player, mainly featuring recent original compositions by Maloney himself plus the likes of Bela Fleck, Michael McGoldrick, Amy Cann, Colin Farrell. Accompanied by Joe Brennan (guitar), Brian Fleming (percussion) and Richie Lyons (bodhran). Released on own label and therefore may not be widely available. To obtian, you should try Darren’s website http://www.darrenmaloney.com

Darren Maloney - Who?

Darren Maloney is from Co. Cavan but has been in America for some time now.
I bought this CD after hearing him in a session recently. he is a very accomplished banjo player and writes some great tunes. should be more well known.

The album

The album is just unbelievable i play bodhran as well as banjo and the triplets that he does actually helped me and improved me as a bodhran player as i played along with the CD. i don’t know the tunes on the banjo but i know all the tunes to play with the bodhran. Fantastic player and got his autograph while buying his CD in cavan 2010 fleadh

Anyone know of an abc file for the TruPenny/Kandy Girls set?