The Houston Sessions

By The Alans

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  1. Murshin Durkin
    Rattlin’ Bog
    Spanish Lady
  2. The Wild Mountain Thyme
  3. Ye Banks & Braes
    The Flowers Of Edinburgh
  4. Coming Through The Rye
    The Shearings No’ For You
  5. St Kilda’s Wedding
    Mhari’s Wedding
    Tattie Howkers
  6. Ye Jacobites By Name
  7. The Kesh
    Out On The Ocean
  8. The Dark Island
  9. Donald Blue
    Ornette’s Trip To Belfast
  10. Moments Together
  11. Girl With The Blue Dress
    Sword Of St Columba
    The Knocknable Polka 2
  12. The Tay Boat Song
  13. The Titanic Set
  14. Jamie Raeburn

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The first CD by this Renfrewshire quartet.

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The Alans

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