New Tricks

By Old Blind Dogs

  1. Bennachie
  2. The Garnethill
    Miss Mairi MacPhail Of Laxdale
  3. The Bonnie Banks O’ Fordie
  4. J&b
    The Bonawe Highlanders
  5. The Wee Wee German Lairdie
  6. The Monaghan
  7. The Bonnie Lass O’ Fyvie
  8. Song For Autumn
  9. Gala Water
  10. Dinky’s
    A Shetland Tune
    Andy Renwick’s Ferret
    Cuttymun And Treladle
  11. Bedlam Boys
    The Rights Of Man

One comment

There are some great tunes on this album. Jonny Hardie, who plays
the fiddle and recorder (and other misc instruments) is a wonderful
musician. The Ferret Set (track 10), is a roaring set that includes Dinky’s
Reel (or as they spell in Dinkies) and Andy Renwick’s Ferret (the
spelled his last name Rennick). Jonny really
shows his nimble fiddle fingers on that track. He plays the recorder
as the lead on Monaghan’s Jig, one of my favorite versions of that tune,
giving it lots of life. If you are into songs, there a several good ones
on this recording. Probably my favorite, The Wee Wee German Lairdie
is a fun satirical song about the Hanoverian King, George I - the drumming
on that tune is arranged well, very driving. On the very last track, they
combined a song (?) the Bedlam Boys with the well known Rights of
Man hornpipe. Another great one.

I messed up entering this recording, only the Rights of Man shows the
link to the tunes in the tunes database. The ferret is definitely in the database.
And I would guess that Monahan’s is as well. I think it was because
the names are spelled differently that the ones in the database. I
changed the spelling on the recording, should I have added different
spellings to the tunes database instead? Maybe Jeremy can fix it for me?