Golden, Golden

By Silly Wizard

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Golden, Golden is a song title, not an album.

Golden Golden is a song title (written by Andy Stewart in tribute to his wife), and is one of the tunes on the album: "Silly Wizard Liive", so a search for the recording will not work.


Oops , I meant Live Wizardry

Golden, golden *was* a recording

Actually," Golden Golden" was a live concert recording issued on Green Linnet in 1989.
However, the album "Live Wizardry" contains all the tracks (except one) from this album and "Silly Wizard:Live in America".
Therefore, "Live Wizardry" is the better choice.

Missing tracks

Shouldn’t they have called ‘Live Golden’ or ‘Golden in America’?

But seriously, that Mac’s Fancy set shook the rafters. Its absence almost makes the compilation pointless.

Is that cut available digitally anywhere?