A Small Island (Traditional Music From Cork)

By Brid Cranitch, Vince Milne and Pat Sullivan

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  1. Both Meat And Drink
    Tobin’s Favourite
    Michael Coleman’s
  2. Thomas Burke
  3. Haste To The Wedding
    The German Beau
  4. Lord Gordon
  5. Carolan’s Dowry
    Sean McGovern’s
    The Knocknagree
  6. The New House
    The Boys Of Lough Gowna
  7. The Maid Behind The Bar
    George White’s Favourite
  8. West The Hill
    Paddy O’Brien’s
  9. Sergeant Cahill
    The Old Favourite
    The Old Favourite
  10. Captain O’Kane
  11. Ride A Mile
    Sport Of The Chase
  12. Rattigan’s
    Dublin Porter
    Woman of the House

Two comments

Brid Cranitch (piano/keyboards), Vince Milne (fiddle) and Pat Sullivan (box) give you (in the words of Nuala O’Connor, Irish Times) “…an older style of music, easy and flowing …” Ossian Records OSS CD 70 http://www.ossian.ie

A Small Island (Traditional Music From Cork)

Track 1, tune 3 “Michael Coleman’s” linked automatically to a waltz of that name. It’s actually “Up Sligo!” and the link is now correct.

Track 3 is listed as on the sleeve as “The Three Tunes”. I amended the listing here to link to those three tunes.

Track 5, from the sleeve notes: ‘[“Carolan’s Dowry”]…is also called Captain Sudley. One of Edward Bunting’s informants told him the Carolan’s daughter, Siubhan Ní Chearbhalláin, married a s Sudley, a captain in the king’s army.’

Track 6 is wrongly named too. It’s listed as “Paddy O’Brien’s”, “The New House’ and “Sean Maguire’s” on the sleeve. In reality, “The New House” comes first, followed by another Paddy O’Brien tune, “The Boys of Lough Gowna”, then finally “Rosewood”.

Tack 8, tune 1, is not the “West the Hill” it automatically linked to.

Track 11, tune 1 is listed as “Barney Brannigan”. I’ve corrected the title and the link to “Ride A Mile”.