The Master’s Choice

By Bobby Gardiner

  1. Fermoy Lassies
    The Doon
    The Concertina
  2. Paul Halfpenny
    Charlie Mulvihill’s
  3. Reel Of Rio
    The Ash Plant
  4. Shoe The Donkey
  5. Cathaoir An Phiobaire
    The Chorus
  6. Blind Mary
  7. The Tailor’s Thimble
    The Lilies In The Field
    Take Your Choice
  8. McDermott’s
    The Humours Of Lissadell
  9. Cooley’s Delight
  10. Banbridge Town
    Mr McGuire
    Pride Of The Bronx
  11. Jack Gorman’s Favourite
    The Showjumper
    Drinking Whiskey
  12. The Road To Ballymac
    The Silver Birch
  13. Johnson’s
  14. Kilty Town
    The Lobster
  15. Gentian
  16. Sporting Nell
    The Earl’s Chair

One comment

Box-player Gardiner is joined by Pat O’Sullivan (piano, keyboards), Mel Mercier (bodhran, bones), John Scannell (cello) and Carol Talty (piano). Ossian Records. OSS CD 86