…Born For Sport

By Paul O’Shaughnessy And Harry Bradley

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  1. The Further, The Deeper
    I Was Born For Sport
  2. An Chúilfhionn March
    Green Grow The Rushes-O
  3. George White’s
    The Hut In The Bog
  4. I’ll Comb My Hair And Curl It
    The Foxhunter’s
  5. Over The Bridge To Bessie
    Bonnie Anne
  6. John Barron’s
    Bidh Eoin
  7. Julia Delaney’s
    Mother’s Delight
  8. The Crosses Of Annagh
    The Five Mile Chase
  9. I Have A Bonnet Trimmed With Blue
    The Pigs Aitin’ Nuts In The Woods
  10. McAuliffe’s
    Mary O’Neill’s Fancy
  11. John Doherty’s Barn Dance
    Josie Byrne’s
  12. Paudie Scully’s
  13. Dowd’s No. 9
    The Colliers
  14. Kelleher’s
    Baitheadh Bhrioclais
  15. Dennis Murphy’s
    The Little Pack Of Tailors

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…born for sport

Paul and Harry once recorded a cracking track as a tribute to McKenna and Morrison. On this recording they play a good number of northern tunes. Unfortunately Harry doesn’t play pipes, but Paul plays flute on a couple of tracks: gorgeous duet! You’ll be also impressed by John Blake’s bouzouki backing while more than half of the tracks are unaccompanied.

The recording is not from Claddagh, but I think they’ll list it in their website shortly.

P.S. The tune listing is slightly modified if some tunes are not fully identified and I happen to know their common titles.

Now THIS looks like a promising album! Is it available yet?

Just in my country at the moment, I think. But keep checking Claddagh Records’ website.

Harry Bradley and Paul O’Shaughnessy on the Radio

The last week’s edition of Radio Ulster’s programme Culan featured their duet playing. Be sure to check it out by next Sunday. Harry and Paul also appeared on RTE’s The Late Session last Sunday: http://www.rte.ie/radio1/thelatesession/rams/24april.ram You can listen to their interesting discussions on traditional music too. It starts around 26:00.

This is a fantastic album…I’ve already learnt several sets of tunes from it! Harry and Paul have a fantastic ability to take simple tunes and play them honestly and in a way which breathes new life into them. Definately worth the listen for fiddlers, fluters…and everyone else! L

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A bit of Comparison

Compared to McGrattan & O’Shaughnessy “Within a Mile of Dublin,” this album has no loud bodhran or bouzouki accompaniment.

Compared to Bradley, Smith, & Blake “The Tap Room Trio,” the flute is quieter on this recording, but, as “Ceolachan” pointed out to me, the flute and the fiddle are closer together.

Compared to Kennedy & Mooney “Ceol Aduaidh,” this has no songs, but has a very similar feel.

John Doherty’s barndance

The tune titled John Doherty’s on this album is a barndance, not the reel that is linked to in the track listing here.

Here is the correct tune: