Far Off Fields

By Taxi Mauve

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  1. The Merry Sisters
    Harry McGowan’s
  2. Let Them Come To Ireland (song)
  3. Con Casey’s
    Old Man Dillon
    When Willie At Eve
  4. Merlin’s Time (song)
  5. O’Sullivan’s Fancy
    I Looked East And I Looked West
  6. Rambling Irishman (song)
  7. The Shoemaker’s Daughter
    The Golden Eagle
  8. Greenwood Laddie (song)
  9. The Idle Road
    Cornelius Curtin’s Big Balloon
    The Knights Of St Patrick
  10. The Maid On The Shore (song)
  11. Far Off Fields (song)
  12. Phil Cunningham’s
    Larry Redican’s Bow

Two comments

Taxi mauve

patrick desaunay (guitar)
michael mc donnell (vocal, mandolin, banjo)
denis lafont (bouzouki, keyboards)
jean-claude philippe (fiddle)
michel sikiotakis (concert flute, tin- and low-whistle)

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