The Belfast Harp Festival

By Grainne Yeats

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  1. Feachain Gleas
  2. Mairseal Ui Bhroin (Burns March)
  3. Lord Mayo
  4. Give Me Your Hand
  5. Molly McAlpin
  6. Damhsa An Phiobaire (The Piper’s Dance)
  7. Eibhlin A Run
  8. The Wild Geese
  9. Love, Lie Beside Me
  10. Róisín Dubh
  11. Love In Secret
  12. Oscail An Doras (Open The Door)
  13. Ta Me ‘Mo Chodladh (I Am Asleep)
  14. An Chuilfhionn
  15. Rory O’More
  16. Limerick Lamentation
  17. Miss Hamilton
  18. An Speic Seoigheach
  19. Baltiorum
  20. The Forlorn Queen
  21. The Twisting Of The Rope
  22. Brian Boru’s March
  23. Lord Inchiquin
  24. James Betagh
  25. Mabel Kelly
  26. William O’Flinn
  27. Si Beag Is Si Mhor
  28. Dr. John Hart
  29. The Parting Of Companions
  30. Carolan’s Receipt
  31. Sir Arthur Shaen
  32. Hugh O’Donnell
    John O’Connor
    Morgan Magan
  33. Betty O’Brien
  34. Fanny Power
  35. Grace Nugent
  36. Madam Maxwell
  37. Thomas Burke
  38. Planxty Johnston
  39. The Fairy Queen
  40. Elizabeth McDermott Roe
  41. Carolan’s Concerto
  42. Farewell To Music

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Recording details

Released by Gael-Linn in 1992, commemorating the 200th anniversary of the 1792 harper’s festival, at which Edward Bunting started to write down some of the last remaining old Irish harp music. This album presents Grainne Yeats’ very well-informed reconstructions of the original harpers’ repertoire and style, played on wire- and gut-strung harps, as well as her singing of the songs that go with some of these tunes.

It’s a two-disc set: disc one (tracks 1-22) contains anonymous tunes and compositions by several of the lesser-known harper/composers; disc two (tracks 23-42) is entirely Carolan, and includes some very interesting arrangements derived from manuscript fragments that included Carolan’s left hand parts.

The original recording was released as an LP in 1980 and had fewer tracks than appeared on this CD

Sorry, Niall, but the CD was originally issued as two separate LPs in 1976. I’ve no idea where you get 1980 from!

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Re: The Belfast Harp Festival

Oddly my copy of the double LP is indeed dated 1980, and is clearly a different issue from the one described above