Live From Dublin - A Tribute To Derek Bell

By The Chieftains

Added by Grack .
  1. Introduction: John Kelly
  2. Brian Boru’s March
    Nine Points Of Roguery
    The Magpie-Pretty Girls
  3. Down The Old Plank Road
  4. Derek’s Tune
    The Geese And Bright Love
  5. Never Trust A Man’s Love
    Muneira De Jios
    Duelling Chanters
  6. Ellen Browne
  7. Banish Misfortune
    The Morning Dew
    Arkansas Traveller
    Wild Irishman
  8. Oiche Nollag
  9. Fionnghuala
  10. Carrickfergus
  11. I’ll Tell Me Ma
  12. Tá An Coileach Ag Fógairt An Lae
  13. Ottawa Valley Dance
  14. Finale
  15. Farewell To Music

Two comments

Love it

my god i loves this album but it has a bassy feel to it but i love all the tunes. but the tune that got me to buy it was Brian Boru’s march, and the finale. but who ever hasn’t listened to this album buy it it’s great.

Ottawa Valley Dance?

Does anyone know the title of one or both of the tunes played on track 14, the track entitled ottawa valley dance? The first I think is a jig and the second is a reel or hornpipe I believe.