Sean McGuire - At His Best

By Sean McGuire

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McGuire and Sherlock album 2

This is the 1971 follow-up to their 1969 album submitted by Aidan Crossey under the re-issue title of “the very Best of Sean McGuire”,which is not the original title but ,who ever cared at Outlet? I have changed a few dodgy titles from the album cover and one or two more need changed.Particularly “The Snake” which I think may be more commonly known as` Dwyer`s,` after Finbar and I think `Conlon`s dream` is also known as `sword in hand`.
I loved this album.The Mckillop/Tansey duets album is pointing it`s butt at this McGuire /Sherlock original for sure…

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“Sean McGuire at His Best” ~ the CD re-release with a different track order

The musicians first:

Sean McGuire/Maguire - fiddle
Roger Sherlock - flute
Josephine Keegan - piano accompaniment

The tracks and the solos* ~

_1. ) hornpipes: “Chief O’Neill’s Fancy” / “The Cuckoo” ~ all 3

* 2. ) reels: “The Ash Plant” / “Matt Molloy’s” ~ Roger w/Josephine

_3. ) jig: “Fry’s Britches” ~ all 3

* 4. ) hornpipes: “The Fancy Fair” / “The Independent” ~ Sean w/Josephine

_5. ) jigs: “Morrison’s No. 1” / “Morrison’s No. 2” ~ Roger w/Josephine

_6. ) reels: “Captain Rock” / “The Snake” ~ all 3

_7. ) reels: “The Boy In The Boat” / “Toss The Feathers” ~ all 3

* 8. ) reel: “Farewell To Kilroe” ~ Sean w/Josephine

_9. ) jigs: “The Bride In Her Shift” / “Two And A Half New Pence” ~ all 3

10. ) reels: “Conlon’s Dream” / “Roger Sherlock’s Fancy” ~ all 3

* 11. ) jigs: “The Unfortunate Rake” / “The Knights Of St. Patrick” ~ Sean w/Josephine

12. ) reels: “The Bank” / “The Gauger” ~ all 3

13. ) reels: “The Gatehouse Maid” / “The Sligo Maid” ~ all 3

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A mis-titled CD in my sense of ‘balance’ as it’s not all about Sean McGuire/Maguire, the earlier title for the LP given here is the better and truer, with respect given for all three musicians involved…

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“Sean Maguire, Roger Sherlock, Josephine Keegan: At Their Best” / “Sean McGuire at His Best”

Outlet Recording Company Limited, 1997 - PTICD 1008

This note by Dave Evans is the only thing on the CD insert aside from outdated Outlet advertisement:

"This second reunion album of Sean and Roger features ensemble playing of Irish Music at unique and almost magical levels. It is a product of close friendship and an intuitive understanding of each others playing, and gives the word ‘sympathy’ musical expression.

Roger Sherlock, a Sligo, man has been living in London for seventeen years. He is a carpenter and joiner by trade, and a flute player by instinct. For some of these years in London he played duets with Sean and Irish Centres throughout London became familiar with their brilliant ensemble playing, and it was there that they forged their most empathetic expression of Irish Music.

This album featuring solo performances by the two artists gives the opportunity to admire again the firety athleticism and brilliance of Sean’s playing which contrasts nicely with the gently melodic golden sound of the Sherlock flute. As ever, the accompaniment of Josephine Keegan superbly unifies the ensemble playing and heightens the solos." ~ Dave Evans


This much I’ll say, I liked Roger Sherlock and have enjoyed his take on the music. Going back a ways, the 1970s, we’ve had the pleasure of Roger’s company and flute in sessions in Dublin, including just outside at ‘The Culturlann’, CCE’s headquarters in Monkstown… More later…

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“Seán McGuire and Roger Sherlock with Josephine Keegan: At Their Best”

LP: Outlet SOLP 1008, 1970 or 1971

CD: Outlet PTICD 1008 “Sean McGuire At His Best”