The High Notes

By The High Notes

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Eilish O’Connor - Fiddles
Peter Woodley - Flutes, Bodhran
Jim Gregory - Guitar, Bouzouki, Vocals

Gillian Alcock - Piano
Jan Olsthoorn - Bodhran
Elizabeth Spira - Highland Bagpipes

From the liner notes by Seamus Gill…

“It’ll be a different set” they said. It was. The High Notes are a refreshingly different set, Eilish from Dundalk, Peter from Dubbo and Jim from Glasgow. The three of them somehow found themselves in Sydney at the same time and struck up a note. Some time later they started playing together as a group playing together under a variety of names. “What are you thinking of calling yourselves this week?” “Oh, I don’t know. Think of something”

Despite these trivial difficulties, they soon became a well known and sought after group, playing at festivals, pubs and other musical gatherings. Mention the High Notes and people came. Enjoyed themselves too. Listened even. This was no formula driven presentation.

Of course, all this frivoliity couldn’t last. Someone finally prevailled upon them to come into a studio. “Oh dear. Groups have died in there.” There’s something about a recording studio that petrifies even the brave. It is difficult at the best of times to reproduce a live feel in a studio.

Anyway, in they went, pooling their talents and experience and with the help of a sympathetic sound recordist, they did it.

Eilish with her fiddle, Peter with his flute and Jim with his guitar, bouzouki and vocals, are each individually accomplished musicians with a solid background in the tradition. Together they combine to make their own contribution to the culture and tradition of Irish music in Australia. Their tunes make you want to dance, their songs and airs make you stop and listen. They’re alive!

This is their first album. Have a listen. You’ll want to hear more.

Seamus Gill.

Re: The High Notes

I saw this group many years ago and cannot find their CD anywhere….I should love to buy a copy..can anybody help me?