How The West Was Won

By De Dannan

  1. The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba To Galway
  2. My Irish Molly-O
  3. Hey Jude
  4. Song For Ireland (song)
  5. Langstrom’s Pony
    The Tap Room
    Lord Ramsey’s
  6. The Rose And The Briar
  7. Seamaisin
  8. A Shepherd’s Dream
    Onga Bucharest
  9. Do It In Jig Time
  10. Restless Farewell
  11. The Cameronian
    The Doon
  12. Far Away In Australia
  13. The Rights Of Man
    The Pride Of Petravore
  14. Eireann Mo Ghra Mo Chroi
  15. Mr. O’Connor
  16. New Irish
  17. The Chicken
    Mrs. McCloud’s
    Jimmy Kelly’s
  18. Ramblin’ Irishman
  19. The Golden Eagle
    Maudabawn Chapel
    Hand Me Down The Tackle
  20. The Rights Of Man
    Pride Of Petravore
  21. Anthem For Ireland Air
  22. Jimmy Byrne’s
  23. The Royal Artillery Band
    Staten Island
  24. Operator
  25. Connie From Constantinople
    R Na G