Local Ground

By Altan

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Lovely New Recording From One of the Best

Newly released, seems to be a bit like the “older” offerings. It’s lovely, lively and offers some great tunes. 3 new compositions: “Richie’s Reel” penned by C. Tourish, “Nia’s Dance” penned by M. Ni Mhaoaigh and The Roseville from D. Sproule.

I really enjoyed the Song “The Wind and Rain” a sprightly song of a murderous sister.

The Silver Slipper, a set of a Slip Jig and Jig is a lovely tribute to John Dougherty. It is clear with their playing of this set, their deep regard of an extraordinary fiddler.

Forgot to mention..

Track 2; Tommy People’s; liner notes indicate that this tune was the Tommy People’s recorded on the “Ceol Aduaidh album of Mairéd and Frankie Kennedy. ”It is related to a reel entitled :Green Pease Straw and now appears under that name in a number of 19th century publications."


“Green Pease Straw” ? - more likely “Clean Pease Strae”, and I’d never noticed the similarity until you mentioned it. Thanks.

i‘ven’t heard it.and i don’t feel interested anymore…as once again we can see the names of Dolly Parton and Paul Brady on the sleeve..so i guess they ’re following the country patern they began with the awfull Another sky…


Good Album

I’ve heard it also, and it is typical, quality Altan. I was concerned about yet another group going in the direction of Bluegrass and Dylan, such as Solas. Or, like Solas, return to ITM without John Doyle with less energy. This is definitely NOT the case with Altan. They have a full contingent of players here, their regulars and their irregulars, including Jim Higgins on Bodhran and Daithe Sproule on guitar.

“Local Ground” - Altan

Of course they’re good, but I’m not as taken with this album as I was with their first one - and suspect this is partly because we’ve all got a lot older. The initial tunes on that first one, followed by the song Ta Mo Chleamhnas A Dheanamh, had (IMO) a matchless edge and poignancy: comparing that first one to “Local Ground” is a bit like comparing Bothy Band I to recent Patrick Street. But one can’t turn the clock back.

My favourite on this is the all-too-brief run through Charlie Lennon’s reel The Road To Cashel.

Name of jig on “Local Ground”

Does anybody know the name of the jig (or is it a slide?) following the song “The Wind and Rain”?