Sweet Nyaa

By Moving Cloud (Denmark)

Added by Freso .
  1. You And I In The One Bed Lie
    One Bed
  2. Eddie Kelly’s No. 1
    Jerry’s Beaver Hat
    Ships In Full Sail
    Sonny Brogan’s
  3. The Dear Irish Boy
  4. Bold Donnelly
  5. Brendan Tonra’s
    Sir Phillip McHugh
    A Fig For A Kiss
    Is It The Priest You Want?
  6. Did The Rum Do Daddy? (Joe Heaney)
  7. Did The Rum Do Daddy? (Svend Kjeldsen & Mette Løvschal)
  8. Grosse Isle
  9. Kevin McHugh’s No. 2
    Kevin McHugh’s No. 1
    The Boy In The Boat
    The Hunter’s House
  10. Pressganged Paddy
  11. The Redhaired Lass
    The Tailor’s Thimble
    Fred Finn’s
  12. The Parting Glass
    The New Triangle
  13. Martin Wynne’s No. 2
    The Earl’s Chair
    The Moving Bogs Of Powelsboro