Sean Maguire, Fiddle On The Fiddle

By Sean McGuire

  1. The Mason’s Apron
  2. The Glass Of Beer
    The Belfast Traveller
    Fiddle On The Fiddle
  3. The Resting Chair
  4. The Hawk
    Mikaela McGuire
  5. Ni Eireann Ci He (For Ireland’s Sake I Will Not Tell)
  6. The Wild Irishman
    Lord Pottinger
  7. Meeting of the Waters
  8. Segs
    The Weeping Hebrew
  9. Devanny
    Robin on the Branch
  10. Dawning of the Day
  11. The Maid behind the Bar
    The Auld Fiddler
  12. The Yeddish
    The Gypsy
  13. Dear Old Donegal
  14. The Lightning Flash
    Kathleen Smyth’s
  15. Sean McGuire’s
    Bonnie Kate
  16. The West’s Awake
  17. Brennan’s Favourite
    Beauties of Ireland
  18. Derry Air