One’s Own Place

By Kevin Henry

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One’s Own Place

1998 Bogfire, Inc (, also available in the other usual places for buying CDs.

Music and recitations by the Henry family. Born on the Sligo/May border in 1929, Kevin Henry was one of the pioneers of the resurgence of Irish music in Chicago.

Another great flute CD, also great for learning tunes, since the style is simple and uncluttered. A document of the old West of Ireland flute style. Beautiful and mighty playing.

Re: One’s Own Place

I’ve corrected some of the links here.
Also :
Track # 20 is a fiddle solo by Kevin’s brother Johnny Henry. The first tune is a setting of "The Sunny Banks", followed by "Miss Thornton", and returns to "The Sunny Banks" to end with.
I disagree with the titles to track#17. I’d call the first reel "The Crosses Of Annagh", the second "The Otter’s Holt".
Track #23 is a whistle solo by Kevin’s daughter Maggie Henry.

As an aside, I was informed last year that Malachy Towey, who plays bodhran on this recording, was still playing regularly in a session with Kevin Henry in Chicago at the age of 94 !

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