Sean Maguire, Champion Of Champions

By Sean McGuire

  1. Speed The Plough
    The Galtee Rangers
  2. Key West
  3. The Poppy Leaf
  4. The Coulin
  5. Carolan’s Concerto
  6. The Maids Of Tulla
  7. The Harvest Home
    The High Level
  8. Strike The Gay Harp
    The Rose Wood
  9. Ned Of The Hill
  10. Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie
  11. O’Rourke’s
    The Wild Irishman
  12. Dear Irish Boy
  13. Planxty McGuire
  14. The Centenary March
    The Triumphal March
    O’Neill’s March

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1969 / 1997
Outlet PTICD 1005

Cronin`s reels

The two Cronin`s reels are Tom Billy`s and The Galtee Rangers

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This album has been reissued

and is now called `The Wild Irishman`.

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The Wild Irishman

After trying some recent albums where the playing is rushed, this album shows why Sean Mcguire’s playing is so highly regarded.

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Tk. 6: The second tune in this set is not the jig "Rose Wood". It is called "Health to the Ladies".

Tk. 10: I don’t know whether it is just a problem on my album or whether it is a widespread problem but Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie is not on track 10. Instead, it play the Maids of Tulla (the exact same tune earlier on the album) and the exact same version. Really gutted at that because I was hoping to hear Sean’s version of this tank of a tune!

Tk. 11: The Wild Irishman is the tune also known as "The Irish Girl" and not the one which the track listing links to.

Great stuff. I love his playing