The First Measure

By Pipedown

  1. The Rebel Without Applause
    For A Second Glance
    The Bush Pigs Dance
    Jeannie Robertson
    The Highlandman Kissed His Mother
  2. The Boys Of Balivanich
    MacFarlane’s Rant
    The Small
  3. Dr. MacInnes’ Fancy
    The Plagiarist’s
    The Gravel Walks
    The Congress
  4. The Old Hag At The Kiln
    The Birnam Triangle
    The 1st Hype Cowboy Division
  5. The Ass In The Graveyard
    The Eagle’s Whistle
    Jack Daniel’s
  6. In With The Bricks
  7. Pipe Major Calum Campbell’s Caprice
    The Ferryman
    Bob Strachan
  8. Hanter Dro
    Bulgarian Tune
  9. The Old Woman’s Dance
    The Spice Of Life
    Good Drying
  10. The Last Of The Tinkers
    The Ivy Leaf
    Pig On A Leash
    Scarce O’ Tatties
  11. The Silver Mower
    Demtel Schizophrenia Kit
    Amy Dowd
  12. Ian McGee’s Romainian Boots

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Sorry for my laziness. Have a look at the band’s website:

I once heard them playing for The Wee Folk Club in Royal Oak in Edinburgh. They are the only group who do pipes and mandolin duet, I think.