Irish Fiddle Player

By Jimmy Power

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Jimmy Power: Irish Fiddle

All tracks Jimmy Power (fiddle) accompanied by Reg Hall (piano). With Gerry White (tambourine) on track 6. First published by Topic in 1976. Recorded in London by Tony Engle July 1976. Produced by Reg Hall and Tony Engle. OSS 81.

Jimmy Power rules…

Have you heard him on NPU’s Masters of Irish Piping Series (Volume 2) playing with Waterford piper Tommy Kearney??

The best is that picture of him in the sleeve notes to Paddy in the Smoke - fiddle propped up on the knee, taking a drag off a cigarette, looking like quite a good time. I’d love to have a framed copy of that in poster size hanging somewhere in my house…or painted on the hood of my car.

One of several people I wish that I could have met and played with.

Correction to the name’s album

The exact title of this recording is “Irish Fiddle Player” (ref. Topic 12TS306)

Re: Irish Fiddle Player

“The Nine Points of Roguery” on track 7 is actually “The Pinch of Snuff”. Not sure how to fix that. Otherwise this is fabulous.

Track 6, 2nd reel

@Duke of leinster : link corrected !